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Mastering The Psychology of Communities

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Technology changes a lot.

People are relatively the same.

If you can master the behaviour of people, you will forever be able to build bigger, better, and more active communities.

The same principles that get people to participate in one community apply across all communities. The tactics change, sure, but the principles remain the same.

Very soon, community professionals will be expected to know the basic principles from psychology, social-psychology, anthropology, community development, sociology, game theory, group dynamics, and apply these principles every day in their line of work.

Once we learn these principles (and learn how apply them), we have a template we can use to increase the level of growth and activity in any community. The best community professionals, those that move up to strategist and director roles, are always those whom have mastered the science behind communities, not just the ability to be nice to people online.

Being nice to people online is the most basic level of our work. It’s important, but it’s basic. If we want the profession to advance, we need to focus upon the science of human behaviour. We need to get really, really, good at this. This is what will seperate the good community professionals from the average ones.

This is why we desperately want you to attend the Virtual Community Summit in London on Feb 20 – 21. We’re going to try and make a great leap forward in our level of expertise overnight.

Never before, has there been an event dedicated to the science of communities. Never before, has there been such an incredible collection of dedicated community scientists in one room together.

We’ve sold just under 75% of available seats at the moment, so if you want to attend please sign up soon. We would love you to join us in our goal to embed scientific principles at the heart of our work.

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