Making Leadership Easier

February 2, 2017 Comments Off on Making Leadership Easier

The big risk in leading is looking behind you and seeing no-one following.

You would look pretty silly if you were the only person at the airport holding a protest sign.

Very few people lead (or show initiative) in any community for precisely this reason, they might look a bit silly.

The overwhelming majority join in once everyone else is already there. That’s when it’s safe.

We’ve all seen the dancing guy. Somebody has to be first or nothing happens.

This is why those that show leadership and take the initiative are so valuable. They are the people that are willing to put their ego on the line to make something happen.

These people are precious. You’re going to need several of these people to survive. Do whatever you can to support them.

Don’t knock their initiatives because they’re off-brand or not part of the roadmap. Support them. Give them ideas and promote what they’re doing.

Too many reject new ideas for the community by default. I suggest supporting and promoting it by default.

Or to put it simply, make it easier to be a leader in your community.

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