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The Influencer/Superuser Problem

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Superuser programs and influencer programs typically target two groups.

One group has built a reputation inside of your community (superusers) and the other outside of your community (influencers).

You run into trouble when you provide influencers with better rewards, access, and benefits than your top community members.

Imagine you’ve been a loyal, contributing, customer to a community for five years and then see an industry influencer, with no history as a customer, getting superior treatment. That’s going to sting.

One solution is to have parity between the two programs. But this still leads to the same problem. A better solution is to treat superusers better. Offer them inexpensive rewards which would be highly valued by them. This typically includes unique access, status, and connections.

Let them switch to the rewards of the influencer program if they want to, but I doubt they will.

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