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How Members Quit

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Do you remember Quit Facebook Day last year? 

The media reported on a few thousand people who had promised to quit Facebook. Not many of them followed through. 

When was Quit MySpace Day? Quit DIGG day? Quit Quora day? 

What about the communities in your sector? Have there been any big quit days? Has there been a big protest and bluster about leaving the platform to go elsewhere? Probably not.

The people that will really quit wont tell you first. They will just quit. No warning, no explanation. They wont delete their accounts, they just wont come back. 

Two thoughts here. First, don’t panic about satisfying your most vocal critics. I promise they will still be there tomorrow. Second, actively seek out members that haven’t logged on in a few weeks and ask how they’re doing.

There is amazing potential in your inactive members.

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