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Growth vs. Expansion

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

The typical approach to growing a community is to hope members drift in through search, referral traffic from the website, or sheer luck.

Sometimes it works too, but hoping to be lucky isn’t a good strategy.

Instead of waiting for miraculous growth, plan for deliberate expansion.

First, you target a small segment of your audience with unique desires. Target them deliberately and overwhelming satisfy those unique desires. This means deliberate outreach to this small segment of your audience (direct messages, content, promotion etc…). When the number of new members begins to plateau, expand to the next segment.

Trying to grow by targeting everyone at once and hoping people drift in isn’t smart. Start with a tiny audience, satisfy their unique needs, and then expand the concept a little by little.

It’s a lot easier to grow through deliberate expansion than dumb luck.

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