FeverBee Webinar for Community Professionals – Going For The Big Wins

December 7, 2016 Comments Off on FeverBee Webinar for Community Professionals – Going For The Big Wins

Too many community professionals spend their time engaging and participating in their community just enough to keep activity ticking over.

This is a tragic waste of the collective wisdom and energy of the community.

The connections we make in a community should enable us to create valuable artifacts which attract even more people to join and participate in the community.

We don’t need more tiny tweaks, we need big wins that get people excited about being involved in activity.

A big win gives you a sustained double-digit improvement in the metrics that matter to you.

This Monday, at 1pm Eastern Time, we’re hosting a webinar to help you focus your community efforts solely on the biggest possible wins. We want to help you move the needle.

The webinar will cover:

1) Why so many community professionals get stuck.

2) How most communities achieve phenomenal growth.

3) How to save time on tasks which don’t move the needle.

4) How to identify potential big wins.

5) How to prioritize your big wins.

6) A showcase of examples of big wins (we’re now tracking over 1300 branded online communities – more on this soon).

The webinar is completely free and it will include 15 – 20 minutes of Q&A to help you with your specific challenges.

Webinar: Click here to sign up.

Can’t make the webinar? You can see the slides embedded below:


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