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FeverBee Is Hiring A Community Consultant

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

FeverBee is a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations develop successful online communities. We have worked with some of the largest organizations tackling an array of internal and external facing communities. We take pride in our work and limit ourselves to working with organizations we can best support.

But now we need to expand. We have clients in multiple time zones and with a variety of unique needs. We also run the Pillar Summit school of professional community management.

We are looking to hire one, possibly two, full-time community consultants based in either Europe or North America.

This is not an entry-level job. You will need to be experienced in community management and have worked on multiple community projects, ideally on behalf of organizations. Multiple languages is useful, but not required. Project management skills are essential as is an knowledge of social sciences, understanding of organizational psychology and community platforms. Excellent presentation skills are highly desirable.

The community consultant will be trained in the community development process and support a variety of organizations in their online and offline community efforts. S/he may also support other activities of FeverBee including preparing and presenting information material, The Pillar Summit and the development of exclusive online communities.

To apply for this position put together your CV and cover letting detailing your community experiences, skills and abilities (with links to evidence) and salary expectations. Send these to [email protected].

Applications close as soon as we find someone suitable, so don’t wait too long.

We are also seeking an intern for up to six months beginning in August. Apply through the same channels.

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