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Keeping Up With Facebook

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Do you need to try and keep pace with Facebook’s functionality to retain your members?

Some features have become standard in most platforms (@mentions, a wall of updates etc..).

But you would struggle to name many.

Most members in most communities aren’t asking for more photos, private messaging, disappearing videos, and a wall of personal updates.

Don’t try to compete (or keep up with) the world’s biggest company with the world’s best developers. You will just be seen as a ‘worse Facebook’.

Compete where Facebook can’t go. Have unique customisations for your members, create community-specific member journeys, name parts of the community after key terms, proudly display your shared history, build a stronger, smaller, tighter community.

Members don’t expect you to be Facebook, they expect you to be the best place in your field to support their goals.

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