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How Everyone Can Become An Expert

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

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I’ve been impressed by ServiceNow’s Community recently.

It’s clean, well-designed, and answers a large number of questions every day.

The gamification system is worth exploring. Member profiles clearly feature the latest member achievements.

[click here to view image]

The community also has the best leaderboard system I’ve seen yet. You can easily find the top 10 members by points gained as we see below.

[click here to view image]

But most importantly, you can search the system by points gained in specific topics and forums (and by all-time and the past month). If I want to search for the top expert in a particular topic, I can easily do that and see their overall level.

[click here to view image]

There are several major benefits to this.

1) Every member can reach the top rankings. With so many months and so many topics/forums, every member knows if they make an extra effort they can become the topic expert in at least one part of the product/service.

2) It’s easier to find people who can help. You can get granular and find exactly the person you need to help.

3) You can validate someone’s expertise. Being a ServiceNow expert isn’t as useful as being the top expert in the particular issue you’re facing today. You can check the person giving you the answer.

This creates other opportunities too.

Top experts can get notifications of new or unanswered questions in their particular field of expertise. This gives them the first opportunity to solve them (and the motivation to solve them – scarce time).

You can also give awards and prizes for the top members each month or solicit feedback just from the top experts in each category each month.

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