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All The Easy Community Ideas Are Taken

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I’m afraid you’re out of luck. All the easy community ideas were taken a decade ago.

You’re not going to launch a new, definitive, community for mums, authors, doctors, investors, or any other topic.


Unless you’re truly willing to genuinely build the first community of its kind.

Unless you’re willing to do something unique, different, and daring.
Unless you’re willing to target the dissatisfied people on the fringes of existing communities.
Unless you’re willing to do what existing communities are too afraid to do.
Unless you’re willing to do something most people think will never work.
Unless you’re willing to work without a map and make it up as you go along.
Unless you’re willing to make a big bet that you can rally enough fringe people together to launch something unique.

Then you might stand a chance.

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