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Discussing Goals

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I’m a member of a private WhatsApp group with precisely 12 members.

Early on, the group host encouraged each of us to share our goals (both personal and professional).

We each tried to be as honest as possible and pushed each other to be so too. Any time someone mentioned a vague goal, they were given helpful suggestions to clarify it and why they want to achieve it. In the process, some of us changed our goals entirely.

Anytime someone needs something to help them achieve their goals, they ask in the group. Sometimes that’s emotional support, sometimes that’s someone to take a look at their work, and sometimes it’s referrals for great web designers, video developers, or places to host events etc…

Helping someone achieve their goals is an incredible feeling. Being a part of a group where you all help each other to achieve their goals even more so.

If you’re managing communities based around small groups (I’m not sure this scales especially well), I’d suggest encouraging each newcomer (and existing member) to openly share their goals and commit to helping one another achieve them.

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