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Decide Between These 2 Types Of Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Are you going to build a community about your company or about your industry?

Your instinct is to build a company community. You have more control, bigger benefits and members gobble up everything you sell. You’ve probably heard more about the communities of Dell, Apple and Innocent Drinks than industry communities.

But you’re much more likely to fail. Most people didn’t actively participate in any company community.

Only businesses with a distinct personality, sell sociable products or make a big impact on their customers’ lives can build a company community. If you can’t change your business for your community, you’re not allowed to have one.

It’s easier to build a community for your industry. You’re more impartial and focused on creating a valuable community. You benefit with great feedback, having lots of people to talked to and becoming the one company in your industry that cares.

If you can’t align your business to fit your community, focus on creating a community for your industry.

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