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A Message To All Community Members

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I’d add something like this to the community newcomer journey:

Reputation is the output of the perceived value of a member’s total contributions to the group.

The best way to improve your reputation isn’t to game the system, make an excessive number of contributions, or add lots of friends in the hope they add you back.

We’ll clamp down on that quickly and you’ll soon find yourself lumped with a reputation you will struggle to maintain.

The best way to improve your reputation in this community is to consistently make better contributions to the group.

You can do this by being more honest, open, and truthful about your experience.

You can do this by sharing your expertise with the group.

You can do this by being helpful, finding answers for others, and taking on support roles in the community.

This community is a fantastic place to begin building your reputation in the field, but do it with integrity, do it sustainably, and do it by giving to the community, not taking from it.

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