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Create Definitive Resources For Your Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Your community should be the definitive resource for its topic (however narrowly or broadly you define your topic).

At first cater to the newcomers:

  • A filtered set of top and most popular resources on the topic.
  • A list of the recommended books people should read.
  • A 101 guide to getting started in the topic.
  • A list of recommended people members should follow both inside and outside of the community.
  • A list of recommended equipment/product reviews.
  • A list of common mistakes/questions and how to solve them.

Solicit the questions of newcomers in interviews and ask members what they wish they knew when they got started. Then create those resources and solve those questions.

Next, cater to the needs of intermediate members:

  • Tackle individual topics and the complexities at each level.
  • Share advice for reaching rankings or becoming a top community member.
  • Identify how members with more resources or expertise tackle problems compared with newcomers.
  • Create groups just for more advanced members etc…
  • Research the most popular topics via search traffic and have members share their best advice on each in your community.

For most advanced members, host private mastermind groups. The kind of expertise they need is rarely one that’s available in the public domain already. Invite members to share their templates and resources in the group. Have free-following sessions and share the results with other members once they reach the higher ranks of your community.

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