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Community Idealists Finish Last (2 free chapters)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Community idealists tend to struggle.

They tend to sit in frustrated, isolated, silos at the bottom of the organizational chart.

They often feel they need to protect the community from the evil, capitalist, demands of their colleagues.

They spend their time trying to keep the community healthy, engaged, and happy.

They find themselves first in line for the axe when times are tight and last in line for support when there are resources to invest.

However, the people driving their communities forward are realistic pragmatists.

They don’t protect their communities from their colleagues, they engage their colleagues to support and benefit from the community.

They don’t complain their boss “doesn’t get it” but work hard to get their boss.

They don’t try to maximize engagement but try to maximize the results they’re delivering for their colleagues.

They don’t walk into a meeting with engagement metrics, they walk into meetings with specific results to share (problems resolved, feedback gathered, leads identified, case studies collected etc…)

It’s a lot easier to have 1000 engaged community members than 1 senior, supportive, stakeholder in the community.

Today I’m sharing two free chapters highlighting the difference between the idealists and the pragmatists. You can sign up here to get them.

Spoiler alert: we need more pragmatists!

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