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How To Execute On A Community Idea

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

It’s easy to come up with community ideas, executing on them well is often the hard part.

To execute an idea well, I’ve found it helps to:

  • Research/gather data to support the value of the idea.
  • Gain widespread support for the idea by sharing and gathering feedback from others.
  • Identify numerous examples of the idea in practice.
  • Check if the idea is possible with the technology platform you’re using.
  • Flesh out every step involved in implementing the idea.
  • Cost the idea in time/resources and know when development work can begin (i.e. who will be doing it, what exactly will they be doing etc…?)
  • Speak to those who have undertaken the same thing and identified what could go wrong (and how to avoid it).
  • Prioritise the idea against the other activities which will be undertaken at the same time.

It’s sadly common to have great ideas fail because they were poorly executed.

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