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Designing A World-Class Online Community Experience [free video]

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I’m constantly astounded by the vast number of brands who invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a platform and end up offering a subpar community experience.

Most of the problems in a community experience are fixable and there is plenty of low-hanging fruit for improvement. In the below webinar, I’ve pulled together our best examples, advice, and practical steps you can take to improve your community website.

(if video doesn’t show, click here)

I recommend taking some time to watch it with your team and put together your technology roadmap.

You might also benefit from benchmarking your community using our standards.

Note: The TomTom community featured is built upon the Vanilla platform, not inSided as stated in the webinar. My apologies.

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Subscribe for regular insights