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Landing Pages And Improving Community Acquisition

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Go to Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

Make sure you’ve set the date filter for the past 3 months.

And search the results by /forum/ or whatever tags indicate discussion posts only.

You should find a list of discussions like the client example below:

What’s remarkable when digging into the data shown here is 21 discussions accounted for 75% of all inbound search traffic to the community.

From the tens of thousands of discussions posted in the community, just 21 discussions account for 75% of all visitors.

This isn’t an outlier, some variation of this has happened in almost every community we’ve looked at. A tiny number of discussions are responding for most of the inbound visitors to a community.

This has some important implications.

1) Keep these discussions up to date. Provide fresh information, check the posts/answers are still relevant and feature some of them prominently within the community.

2) Consider creating content and advice articles based upon these discussions. Use the content provided within these discussions to create standalone blog posts, knowledge base articles, or separate pages.

3) Consider creating more discussions like these. Categorise these discussions and see which categories occur most frequently. Create more discussions within this category.

Every public community needs to find a constant source of new members to replace those lost to natural churn. Looking to see what brings newcomers into the community today is a good place to start.

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