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Communicating The Core Value Of The Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

We often do a bad job at identifying and communicating the core value of a community members want.

Here’s an example from a recent client. You can see the initial post on the left and our change on the right.

Notice the difference? It avoids the cliches and clearly articulates what members are about in a way they will remember.

The more benefits you squeeze into the community value statement the fewer benefits people remember. Find the thing people really care about and run with it.

For example, look at the Airbnb community below:

I suspect a ‘global community of hosts like you’ isn’t something hosts are proactively looking for. I also suspect the community attracts only a fraction of the engagement it could if it improved its value and positioning.

Imagine the community articulated a clearer benefit and purpose statement like we see below:

Do you notice the difference? Now there is a clear and obvious purpose for the community. This even guides people in the kinds of questions to ask, tips to share, and content to create.

Changing a few words at the top of the page alone won’t completely drive more engagement, but those words are a value statement. If you aligned everything to them the level of engagement would increase enormously.

For most of us, we can do a far better job at communicating the core value of our community.

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