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Clearer Instructions and Simple Templates

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

If you want better contributions from members, give them clearer instructions and templates to work with.

It sounds obvious, but it so rarely happens.

An acquaintance recently bemoaned the quality of content they were getting wasn’t good enough to be featured on their site.

But looking at the community, there were no instructions or indications about quality. Members whose content was rejected weren’t even given suggestions or a second chance to improve it.

If you want members to create great videos, images, stories, case studies, and more, show them how.

Create a template with clear boxes of what’s expected in each area (this works really well if you want members to provide case studies). Give plenty of great examples members can see, edit, and tinker with. Provide them with simple training they can take. And, most importantly, give them constructive criticism so if it isn’t good enough they can improve it.

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