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Change The Context To Drive The Behavior

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

The easiest way to change the behavior of members is to change the context.

If you want members to share resources, don’t send an email out begging them to share resources, create a competition where each member gets to submit just one great resource others can vote on. Make it time-limited to just one-week.

If you want members to collaborate, try hosting a sprint, hackathon, or other project.

If you want your top members to build relationships at a major conference, pay for them to do a series of escape rooms together.

If you want people to share their problems, find the top VIP you can and invite members to submit their toughest questions for her.

You get the idea. You can’t just change the words in an email and expect the end-result to change much.

Far better to try completely different tactics. Change the context. Ideally, make the behavior more fun, time-limited, and social.

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