Can Your Agency Share Examples Of Great Communities?

April 10, 2011Comments Off on Can Your Agency Share Examples Of Great Communities?

I did a disservice to agencies when I suggested they can't develop online communities.

I stand by the core of my argument I believe that it's best for the organization to develop their community themselves. However, there are some fantastic agencies out there.

So lets find them.

In the comments below submit examples of communities your agency has created on behalf of your clients.

My only rules are:

  1. No Facebook pages, Twitter following or blogs. Getting a big audience isn't a community.
  2. The community must have high levels of interaction between members. Interactions are the lifeblood of a community. Communities where you can't clearly see plenty of members interacting with each other will be discounted. We want to see good, succesful, examples.
  3. No communities that we can't access. Sorry, if you can't create a temporary account that we can use to look around the community, then you can't play.

I will keep the comments open for at least a week here and publish a summary of the agencies that post good examples next week.

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