Why Don’t We Celebrate More Often?

December 11, 2015Comments Off on Why Don’t We Celebrate More Often?

You probably work in a team of 5 to 9 people (which turns out to be the optimal team size).

You spend most of your time working on common projects to achieve common goals.

It feels like surfing. You spend your time working your way to hit the perfect wave. Then, whoosh. Victory.

The best teams have always made a habit of celebrating their successes. They’re liberal with the definition of success too. That might mean the completion of a project. The promotion of a team member. A team member moving upwards in another organisation.

It’s worth investing a few hundred dollars to take the team out after hosting a major event, wrapping up a major project, winning a big deal, gaining recognition from the CEO etc…

This should be a regular part of what you and your team do.

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