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Learn To Build Amazing Brands (a new course from CXL)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I was honoured recently to join some of the smartest marketers I’ve ever met who put together a brand marketing degree with CXL.

The full mini degree course takes you through:

  • The brand fundamentals (branding and user-centric marketing).
  • Brand Success (positioning, differentiation, and strategy)
  • Brand marketing (product messaging, storytelling, digital psychology, and PR)
  • Community building (audience building, organic social media, community building and community strategy)
  • Measurement (data-driven influencer marketing, user research, voice of customer data)
  • And more.

The community aspects feature the incredible Carrie Melissa Jones, covering community building, and myself, explaining community strategy.

I believe to thrive over the long-term you need a skillset that extends beyond just immediate community skills.

There aren’t many other courses I’d recommend, but I would suggest this one.

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Subscribe for regular insights