BIG GUIDE: Nurturing And Fostering Superusers In Your Online Community

July 18, 2017 Comments Off on BIG GUIDE: Nurturing And Fostering Superusers In Your Online Community

Building and nurturing a powerful group of insiders is going to be a critical part of your job.

The challenge is to identify, nurture, and retain top members. These are the people who will answer every question, welcome new members, and put their soul into the community.

My colleague, Sarah Hawk (just about to depart for a fantastic new job at Discourse), has spent the last 8 months putting together the biggest and most comprehensive guide to building superuser programs ever created.

The guide includes breakdowns and tips from over a dozen managers of top community superuser programs, a detailed set of resources detailing how to get one started, and what you can do to turn your program into a monster success.

You’re going to learn the psychology, technology, and the processes that make yours succeed.

You can find the complete guide here:

Get The Templates for Free

Mobilize, a tool which can help you manage superuser programs, have sponsored each of you with a set of templates to optimize your efforts.

You can download them for free here:

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