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Attracting Better Quality of Ideas

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Several of the product managers I’ve met with over the past few years disdain ideas submitted by members.

The problem isn’t that an idea is especially good or bad (although there is a trend of wanting more while spending less). The problem is the ideas submitted don’t contain anywhere near enough information.

For example, it’s unclear whether:

a) What the idea actually is (instead of a complaint e.g. “improve [feature x]!”)
b) What the current use case is.
c) What the current approach to achieving that goal is.
d) How relevant it would be to different segments of customers.
e) Whether it’s an urgent priority or a minor annoyance.
f) Who the idea should be sent to.

The problem often lies in using the same (or similar) tools to create questions as we do for ideas. Ideas get a title and a body – then members are left to write whatever they please.

Okta, a client, has a more interesting and better approach.

Now it’s clear what the idea is, what the use case of the idea is, and how customers are approaching that solution today. Members can select the product area (which should ensure this gets sent to the right person).

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