You Can’t Benefit From Half-Completed Communities

April 7, 2011Comments Off on You Can’t Benefit From Half-Completed Communities

Online Community building is a process that begins long before and continues long after the community website becomes accessible. 

Sadly, many believe the process begins or ends when the website becomes accessible.

Communities take time to develop. It might take months, it might take a year (or longer). It's different for every community.

Complaining that the community isn't giving you any benefits two months after you've launched the website shows a lack of understanding. You haven't got the finished product yet.

You wouldn't ask why people weren't buying your latest product before it was shipped would you? Likewise, expecting to reap great benefits from the community within the first two months is just as misguided.

You get the benefits of a community after you've developed the community.

If you can't afford this time or don't have this patience, don't develop a community.

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