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Baking Bread

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

You might’ve tried baking bread recently.

Did you head to The Fresh Loaf or Breadtopia to ask questions and get started?

Did you look for any community to help?

Probably not. You didn’t know those communities existed and you didn’t really have any questions to ask even if you did. If you’re like most people, you typed the kind of bread you wanted to bake into a search engine and followed a recipe.

But I bet you shared photos of your loaf once it was done.

The motivation to participate with others isn’t driven by fear of making a mistake (and thus asking for help), but taking pride in what you created and seeing reactions from others.

A smart community builder would recognise this and create a Fenty-Style community where members can submit their loaf (with a recipe). Others could vote on it, learn from it, and adapt it. You would have a loaf of the week as voted by members etc..You could even name new recipes after members who created them etc…

It’s far easier to copy other communities than to step back and really see what motivates people to participate in the topic. Consider, however, if the motivation to participate isn’t driven by fear and frustration but by pride and a need for self-comparison.

Happy baking.

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