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Ask The Community About This Article

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I love this from Apple.

If you get to the bottom of this article, there is an option to ask the community about the article.

This is followed by the option to contact customer support.

This is exactly the way things should work.


  • First, you browse articles for an answer (you read the manual).
  • Second, you ask the community for help (even better, you can click an option to see all the existing questions about the topic).
  • Third, you contact support if nothing else solves your problem (support agents are tackling the tougher questions).

What’s so remarkable (and so frustrating) is how few brands do this today. Why is there not an option to ask the community for help on every single article on the site? It’s such a huge win at such little cost.

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