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It’s Hard To Build A Sense of Community When The Building Is On Fire

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Follow up to yesterday’s post.

If your members are angry, you’re not going to build a strong sense of community.

An acquaintance at Ning spent a year trying to build a sense of community between members. Ultimately, she failed not because she used the wrong tactics, but because her members were furious with her company.

You can’t sprinkle a sense of community approach atop a dysfunctional customer experience. If members are angry with you, they’re not going to be interested in feeling a part of something special together.

You either need to fix and resolve the underlying problem, and then build a sense of community, or instead forget building a sense of community and simply answer as many questions as effectively as possible.

p.s. This is typically why customer support communities have low sense of community scores.

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