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Adapting To The Medium

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I’ve been thinking about this tweet.

It’s written for Twitter but it highlights something important.

The most important information you want to distribute to members will be ignored if it’s improperly adapted to the medium(s) you’re using to send it.

This rule gets violated often. I’ve spent too much time trying to persuade clients to stop sending email announcements with big blocks of text to their community.

Over time certain types of content are best suited to different mediums. Whenever you have a message to distribute to the community, you need to identify the right way of doing it.

On some platforms that’s to publish an announcement.
On others it’s to share a video (even a video broken down into smaller videos for each social media platform).
On others it might be to host a live discussion about the topic.
On others it might be to ask a question or make a short, definitive, statement.
On others it might be to have influencers share the message adapted to their own audiences.
On others it might be to post a short banner announcement.
On others it might be a scannable list of key points.

Once you know what type of content is popular on each medium, it becomes a lot easier to adapt your message to match.

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