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A Few Working Definitions

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Even academics disagree.

Let’s try to use more specific definitions.

  • Online
    . A community is a group of people whom have
    developed online relationships around a strong common interest. This means
    people whom have crossed an agreed boundary. By developing relationships we
    mean an extended reciprocity cycle and familiarity/trust in other members. By
    common interest, we mean something members spend a lot of time thinking about.
  • Community
    . The
    act of creating a community and reaching critical mass. This begins in the
    conceptualization stage of the lifecycle and ends when the community has
    achieved a critical mass.
  • Community
    . The process of developing the community
    through the lifecycle to its maximum potential. This includes responsibility
    for all activities in the community.
  • Community organizing. The process of identifying community needs/desires and working with the community to realize those needs/desires.

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