7 Opportunities to Find Your Replacement(s)

September 4, 2008Comments Off on 7 Opportunities to Find Your Replacement(s)

Part of the community builder's job is to find and train his/her replacement. You don't want The Apple Dilemma; one great leader propping everything up.

But how do you find your replacement?

Give your community members as many opportunities to put themselves forward. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Open up forum moderation duties
  2. Ask for help creating content
  3. Create a size-limited committee to discuss community issues and strategy.
  4. Who wants to help create a new logo/design?
  5. Arrange an interview with your client or someone within your field, and call for questions from the community. Who submits 1? Who submits 5?
  6. Create new roles, and see who wants them "head of growth", "traffic analyst" hmm..
  7. Run a campaign. Say you're leaving in 3 months and you need a replacement. The community gets to campaign and vote. Watch out for rifts (and Alaskan pitbulls).

When you find a replacement, or several, be sure to give them responsibility. And some money would be nice too.

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