3 Years Later

January 16, 2011Comments Off on 3 Years Later

Do you realize that your community will take years to develop?

I know you do. Everyone does, but they still try to rush the process.

Here is a different exercise. Consider where you were 3 years ago. A lot has changed since then. Key people in your business have moved on. The financial climate has shifted dramatically. Technology has evolved. Did you even work at the company 3 years ago?

Now, consider just how different the corporate environment might be when your community has fully matured. Around 50% of your employees probably wont be there anymore. You might not be there anymore. Your goals have changed.

Key question: When you are finally ready to reap the rewards of your community, will your organization still want them?

Communities take years to develop. That’s several lifetimes when your business is living quarter to quarter.  Make sure you know the time-frame for developing a community and your company’s own long-term plans before you develop a community.

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