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Why Time To First Response Matters (the 18 hour rule)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

We recently looked at a large dataset of several dozen communities to determine if the time to first response influenced the odds of someone participating again.

This is what we found:

After just 18 hours, the likelihood of a member ever participating again drops precipitously.

If you’re looking at a community system today, I’d suggest:

1) Develop a system to flag when a newcomer has made their first post.

2) If the newcomer didn’t get a response within the first few hours, flag the post to the community team or participants of the MVP program.

3) If there still isn’t a response after 18 hours, respond yourself as a priority.

I’d love to see community platforms that could prioritise questions to reply to by attributes like this. But until we have this, it’s worth doing yourself.

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