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10 Ideas To Make Money From Your Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

crowd You’ve already done the hard bit, you’ve found your customers. Aside from advertising, how else can you make money from your online community.

Using yesterday’s Divorce360 as an example, here are 10 ideas which might work.

  1. Ask the community what their dream legal, financial and counselling services would be, then create them. Members only.
  2. Arrange events for the group to attend, and charge entry. Maybe hire great divorce experts to speak.
  3. Write a book and sell it to the group.
  4. Better still, let your best members write an eBook, then sell it to others (or give it away free with advertising).
  5. Affiliate Marketing. Find perfect products for your group, put them on the approved Divorce360 list, and sell them via an affiliate scheme to your group’s members.
  6. Find the products your group most need, buy them in bulk and sell them via an online shop (or dropshipping).
  7. Close the group and charge for entry. Remember to give a % of the profits to the best and most active members.
  8. Add in a premium headhunting/referral/dating service.
  9. Encourage your best members to offer a premium service/advice line to newcomers.
  10. Create an educational/tutorship program.

Some of these ideas overlap a little. If you have more, please add them.

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