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Why People Stay In Your Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Why don’t you leave Facebook if you hate the new design? Why do you stay in communities through some really bad times? Here are 7 possible explanations.

  1. My friends are here. People don’t leave your community because their friends are there. To move, they would need to persuade all their friends to move. That’s too hard, so people stay (ala. Facebook).
  2. All my data is here. If you’ve uploaded documents, pictures and other data, you’re likely to stay in your community.
  3. People know me here. Less about friendships, but more about recognition. If people recognise your name, know what to expect from you. You’re not going anywhere soon.
  4. I have power here. Do you have special privileges in your online community? Moderation powers? Run a group?
  5. I have a mission here. They have a purpose or mission on the community. They’re working towards something. What’s their project on the community?
  6. I’ve customised my profile. Have they customised their profile? Avatar? Signature? Surprisingly, people that have done this are less likely to leave.
  7. I’ve contributed a lot here. Have you invested a lot in the community? Invited new members? Made 500 posts? Co-written an eBook with other members?

If your members don’t feel any of these then they’re not going to persuade themselves to stay. They’re already looking for excuses to leave.

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