Why I Love The Internet

June 21, 2008Comments Off on Why I Love The Internet

I've been in love with the internet for over a decade, perhaps now more than ever. The beauty of this near-social paradise is that brilliant people rise to the top. People who might never have been discovered, never have seen the the spotlight are now receiving the attention they more than deserve.

So today Matt Harding, of Where The Hell Is Matt Fame, released his latest video. Matt Harding quit his job almost three years ago now to go dancing around the world. His first video was the stuff of pre-YouTube brilliance, his second one (not including outtakes) have also been great. I've embedded as many as I could find below, if you just want to see the latest release – scroll to the bottom.

Matt's First Video: Dancing – 2005 (wait for the Giraffe scene)

Matt's Second Video & brilliant outtakes


And, finally, the 3rd video just released.


Isn't it amazing how people like Matt Harding and Juan Mann are inspiring movements based upon nothing else than people eager to share a positive experience with each other. You have to wonder just how big these sorts of movements can grow? How much of a difference can giving free hugs or dancing with strangers (without alcohol) make when times seem especially tough?

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