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Who Do You Need At The Beginning?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Most offline community efforts fail. They fail because they try to get all stakeholders in a room and forge a community.

Usually, few people show up. Those that do have an agenda. Those agendas conflict. Those conflicts become arguments. Those interested in arguing, argue. Those not interested in arguing, quit.

You don’t start a community, online or offline, by starting big. The mass e-mails and influencer targeting are a colossal waste of time. You get a blip of attention followed by a mass desertion. Digital Nomads coveted half the blogging A-list as members. It couldn’t convert the attention to a community.

Start small with a tiny group of members and gradually invite new people. Ensure high activity from members and keep the discussions riveting. This will steadily build into a fast growing community.

It’s much harder to start a bandwagon than it is to jump aboard one. Those that do jump aboard leave behind their own agendas in exchange of being a part of something successful. You want people to join once the bandwagon is rolling, not before.

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