FeverBee’s Buzz Report – Evaluating The Top Six Community Platforms


A detailed evaluation of the top six community enterprise platform vendors today against a detailed criteria. Discover the best community platform.


Selecting the right community platform is one of the biggest decisions any organisation will make when developing a community. Selecting the wrong platform will result in poor performance, high maintenance costs, and disappoint members.

In this report, we have evaluated the top six community platforms against the same criteria we use for client RFPs to identify not only our current top community platform in the market today, but also which platforms are best suited for which purposes.

In this Report
  • Identification of the Top Six Enterprise Community Platforms
  • Overview of the Current Community Platform Ecosystem
  • A Detailed Criteria For Creating An RFP And Evaluating Community Platforms
  • Detailed Analysis Of Customer Satisfaction Scores of the Top Six Enterprise Platforms
  • Our Detailed Technical Analysis of the Top Six Community Enterprise Platforms
  • Our Evaluation Of The Top Community Platform

Dive into this report to explore the best community solutions on the market and how to select the right platform for your community.

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