What Should This Say?

December 1, 2008Comments Off on What Should This Say?

This is from an online community manager job description:

“We’re looking for a Community Manager to develop an army of stark raving fans of our site. We're looking for someone who lives and breathes Facebook. We're looking for someone who can't get enough of updating their Twitter status and Digging articles. We're looking for someone who loves to blog and comment on other people's blogs and talk to people who knew a guy who had a blog once.”

It should probably read more like this…

“We’re looking for someone that knows how to make people feel a part of something special. We’re looking for someone that knows what incites members to spend their time participating and inviting their friends. We’re looking for someone that willingly engages in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of interactions a day and is determined to end each on a positive or constructive note. We’re looking for someone that knows what to measure, and how.

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