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What Lies On The Cutting Edge Of Community Building?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Somewhere beyond platform features, being nice to members, and even metrics is the cutting edge of community building. 

There’s a few people, perhaps just a handful, who live on the edge. 

They do incredible work turning insights from social science into huge wins for their community. They don’t look for the 1% to 3% improvements. They look for the game-changing 30% – 50% – the sort of insights you can only extract from social science. 

On November 11, I’d like you to join me as we go to the thrilling edge in San Francisco for the first day of SPRINT. This is the workshop we’ve been itching to host for almost two years.

I recommend you download and read the entire agenda here.

It might just be what you’ve been looking for.   

The workshop is going to cover motivation, habits, cognitive biases, persuasive technology, nudges, reward theory, goal-setting, sense of community, self-disclosure, rhetoric and persuasive communication. 

Last year we sold out at 110 places, this year we’ve reduced the size to just 40 places. 

If you register before June 12 you will save $150 and receive: 

  • The full day workshop (incl. guest speakers).
  • Access to the conference ($250) on the 12th Nov (16 tactical psychology experts).
  • Lunch, breakfast, and snacks on both days.
  • Access to the afterparty (free food/alcohol).
  • Access to FeverBee’s full on-demand course ($640).

You can buy tickets here

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