What Is Interesting To Members?

August 16, 2013Comments Off on What Is Interesting To Members?

Established members typically visit every day (sometimes several times
per day). They look to see if there is something new and interesting to
participate in. If they don’t see anything, they leave for the day.

If they don’t see anything interesting for several days, they don’t
visit for several more days. Gradually, they drift away.

But interesting doesn’t mean content that we can read. In a community
context, interesting usually revolves around:

1) Can I impress someone else in the community
today? (status)

2) Can I feel a stronger part of the group today?

3) Is there something here that’s going to make me
feel good             about myself?   (emotional wellbeing)

4) Is there useful information that’s going to help
me in the future?

These are in order of the level of interest they provoke in members.

Don’t misunderstand the nature of interest. Don’t fill your community
with useful advice. This doesn’t let members impress other members. It doesn’t
let members feel a stronger part of the group. It doesn’t cater to a member’s

The best thing you can do is ensure your menu of
features a lot of interesting items, items that
allow members to increase status, bond, or enhance their emotional wellbeing.

This explains why asking “What’s your best advice to tackle {x}” is
better for communities than writing an article containing your best advice. 

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