Who Actually Reads The Welcome Message In An Online Community?

April 3, 2017 Comments Off on Who Actually Reads The Welcome Message In An Online Community?

Nutanix launched their community last week.

You can read the welcome post below.

Like me, you probably died of boredom halfway through.

Consider who would voluntarily read a welcome post. It’s not the mass of people with a question they need help with. They’re too busy looking for the place to ask the question.

It’s the people who have made the unique effort to explore the community. It’s the people more likely to become dedicated, active, members. It’s the people who most love the topic.

What do you need to give these people? The answer is easy.

Give them something to do!

Cut the legalese and patronising requests to behave. Focus on lifting them up.

Give them a challenging problem to solve, invite them to tackle some of the biggest challenges, get them engaged and excited about the journey you’re about to go on together. Highlight some exciting things coming up (which they can sign up for). Tell them what kind of expertise they can acquire to help members etc…See who might be interested in an MVP program etc…etc.

You’re not going to get many better opportunities than the welcome message to set the tone for the most likely active members. Don’t waste it on boring reminders and redundant information.

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