Watch Out For Vultures Like Me

January 1, 2009Comments Off on Watch Out For Vultures Like Me

Finding your abandoned online community makes my day.

I’m your competitor. I noticed you ran a social media (online community) campaign for 6 months, but then you stopped.

But your community is still there. Those blog comments, that user generated content, those member profiles, they’re still there. Rather than waste your efforts, I’m going to give your community a new home…at my community.

I’m going to message your most popular members. I’m going to ask them to invite their community friends to join my community. I’m going to tempt them with opportunities to try out my clients products or other exclusives. I’m going to offer your members senior positions and lots of responsibility at my community. I might even look at your community’s most successful topics/posts and port those ideas across too.

Thanks for bringing so many great members together for me.

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