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We Value Your Opinion, Here’s 20 Points…

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

This email from McDonald’s below is a classic example of the wrong way to motivate members to do anything:

There are two clear ways to motivate members to participate in a survey:

Engender members with a sense of importance and being able to make a unique impact for the greater good.

Use points and chances to win prizes.

The problem above is a) mixing the two messages and b) pushing neither message hard enough.

If you’re trying to make members feel they can have a unique impact, you need to make the message credible.

Highlight what kind of decisions might be taken as a result of what members share. Detail where you are stuck and why members are uniquely able to help. Share previous examples of changes made as a result of decisions made by members. Explain the time-frame for future changes and what they can expect afterward.

If you’re using points and prizes, be clear about what those points and prizes can earn members. Make it exciting. Breakdown what 20 extra points could mean in direct terms. Give a time-frame for feedback and make it a scarce opportunity.

p.s. This doesn’t just apply to surveys.

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