Two Approaches To Improving Your Community’s Registration Form

April 23, 2014Comments Off on Two Approaches To Improving Your Community’s Registration Form

We can split conversion theory into two schools of thought.

1) Quick and light.

2) Slow and heavy.

These two approaches are personified by two examples below.

Quick and light

Traditionally, the best registration forms look like this:


This is great for three reasons:

1) It tells you how long it will take "only 30 seconds!"

2) It only asks for the essential information (birthday is relevant due to student focus). 

3) It lets you slide to join (not confirm via e-mail). 

There is no confusion here. It's quick and simple. 

Watch Jack Wallington's talk about how he improved conversion rates using this form.


Slow and heavy

Another school of thought comes from Josh Elman, who helped Twitter increased their conversion rates.

Twitter deliberately slows the process down and forces you to create a profile, follow similar people, and tweet so you're instantly engaged in the community.

They identified the exact behaviours that lead to higher conversion rates. In this case, following 30+ people, 1/3rd of them following you back, and {x} number of tweets in the first month. 


This approach undoubtedly leads to a higher drop-out rate.

However, it also converts a higher percentage of newcomers into regulars. 

Watch Josh Elman's terrific talk here (skip to 20 minutes in). 

If your current approach isn't working, try the other. 

If you want to master the social science approach to building successful communities, sign up for our Professional Community Management course.

Registration is open now. The course begins on April 28th.

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