Turning Data Into Community Activities: A Simple Example

April 13, 2012Comments Off on Turning Data Into Community Activities: A Simple Example

Yesterday we addressed audience analysis. Let’s work through an example here. Imagine you run a community for street dancers (random example).

As part of the audience analysis, you ask about their aspirations. Through a series of interviews, you identify some common trends. Many want to form a local group, appear on a music video or appear as a supporting act at a local gig (I’m making this up, I have no idea what street dancers want).

Now you can plan discussions, activities, and content around these.

You might initiate or highlight discussions such as:

  • What are your top tips to appear at local clubs?
  • How many of you have recorded a video?
  • How did you find your crewmembers?

You might organize events such as: 

  • Live discussion: What do local clubs want?
  • Meet-up: Organize a find a crew for your area
  • Guest speaker: How I recorded my breakthrough video

 You might create content such as:

  • 10 members share their stories of finding and growing their crew.
  • The member-created ‘how to record your first video’ guide.
  • Interview with {member}: How I secured my first paid performance.

You might also tweak the community concept to ensure it personifies the interest. It’s now a community of street dancers looking to earn a living, or create their own videos, or find crew members.

In addition, you might recruit volunteers to take responsibility for keeping these aspirations satisfied with relevant content and discussions.

One volunteer might be responses for writing regular tips about recording videos, interviewing members on the topic, hosting activities/online workshops about it, and otherwise ensuring your community is the best source of interactions on the topic.

You can take it further. You might work with your top members to develop a course for members to achieve these aspirations. You can earn money here and help your members get what they want. 

There are no shortage of opportunities. The important step is to ensure you regularly understand what members want and know how to take that data and apply it to practical activities within the community. 

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