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Going Tribal

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Going tribal is always fun.

Tell a group what they want to hear. Tell them they are special and unique. Tell them they are the future. Tell them they are better or superior to another group.

You can identify that other group too. Blame that group for your problems. Complain about what they are or aren’t doing to help. Almost any group will do.

This is an effective way to increase participation, build a stronger sense of community, and get things done.

But understand this approach isn’t relying on logic or reason. The very reason you indulge tribal instincts is because logical, reasoned, arguments failed you.

And once you go careering off the path of reason it becomes very difficult to get back on it. People aren’t looking to think or to be challenged, they’re looking for their next emotional hit. They’re looking for their next battle and to feel that sense of tribal unity again. And if you don’t give them that battle, that battle might well be with you (the sellout).

Going tribal can lead to great, positive, outcomes. But it should be the route of second resort. When facts aren’t finding their mark and members aren’t helping themselves.

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