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Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Begin with a theme; a topic you want to focus on in the community.

Initiate several discussions related to that topic. Make sure it’s a
topic that has come up several times before. Highlight or convert these
discussions into sticky threads. Ask people to submit their best stories, examples,
ideas, data, and any other useful evidence. Ask members how they would tackle
different situations related to that topic. 

Note – not every discussion needs to be about the theme, only enough to
make it clear that this is the theme for the month.

Organize a guest speaker for this topic, or invite a panel of speakers
to debate the topic. Initiate more discussions based upon this event.

Now write a paper that summarizes everything discussed in the
community with specific recommendations. Ensure the paper includes simple share
this links for social media platforms through different sections. Include links
back to relevant discussions within the community and the recording of the
event. Mention the contributions of as many members as possible.

Then send this PDF out to members (by e-mail) and invite them to share
it if they agree.

This should bring in new members, when signing up, ask members about
the biggest challenge they have. Use this as the theme for the next month…

Not only does this create great reference material and generate a lot
of activity, it’s also a sustainable way to grow the community. 

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